Return Guests Confirmed: Mel Gough and Noelle Nichols

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Mel Gough (left) and Noelle Nichols (right)

The Writescast Network is excited to welcome back return guests Mel Gough and Noelle Nichols!

Mel Gough writes (mostly) M/M romance, usually with a twist on the hurt/comfort trope. She has published one book with NineStar Press, a short story with Fluky Fiction and is just now embarking on the adventure for writers who have absolutely
no interest in life outside writing, also known as self-publishing. Her first self-published novel, He is Mine, is coming out on 7 September 2018. When not reading or writing, Mel spends her time with her boyfriend, discussing science or poking fun at each other. Mel’s first foray into self-publishing was Tainted Life, a novella available when you sign up to Mel’s newsletter. You can learn more about Mel and Tainted Life here.

Mel’s Writescast Network debut was in episode 019 of the r. r. campbell writescast.

Noelle Nichols is a writer, dreamer and creator. She writes to make sense of the world, often giving her characters choices that rely heavily on moral choice. Her current series, The Shadows Creed Saga, was influenced by Japan’s samurai and shinobi. When she isn’t writing, she’s painting or daydreaming on hikes. You can follow her adventures on her website,

Noelle made her first visit to the Writescast Network in episode 025 of the r. r. campbell writescast, our listeners’ choice award winner for 2017.

Their conversation about their respective experiences in self-publishing will debut September 14th, 2018. Want to learn more about self-pub before this episode’s air date? Episodes 029 and 030 of the r. r. campbell writescast discuss just that!


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