Novel Approaches is back!

Return of Novel Approaches - Featured Image

The Writescast Network is thrilled to announce the return of the Novel Approaches podcast!

Beginning October 12th, 2018, co-hosts r. r. campbell and Sione Aeschliman will be bringing you new episodes of the Novel Approaches podcast on the second Friday of each month.

To celebrate, the Writescast Network will be hosting a #WritescastChat on Twitter each week in the lead up to the return of Novel Approaches. For the full schedule of chats and topics, check out the chart below!

Novel Approaches #WritescastChat Schedule
Date Time Topic
Monday, September 17th 8 p.m. ET Character
Tuesday, September 25th 8 p.m. ET World Building
Tuesday, October 2nd 8 p.m. ET Conflict

Writers of all backgrounds and from all genres and categories are invited to participate! Be sure to follow the @Writescast account and the #WritescastChat hashtag on Twitter for more information as the date for each chat grows nearer.

Have a question about the return of Novel Approaches, #WritescastChat, or a suggestion for a future Novel Approaches topic? You can email us through our contact page or leave a comment below.

Until Novel Approaches returns on October 12th, you can listen to the six original episodes here.

Thanks for visiting. Write on and write well.

– r. r.


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