Listeners Voted. We Listened. It’s Time to Unveil the Next Novel Approaches Topic!

Novel Approaches - Twitter Promo

At the end of episode 008 of Novel Approaches, we mentioned we’d, again, be asking for your input on what we should cover in our upcoming episode 009.

And, with sixty percent of the vote, listeners have elected to have co-hosts Sione Aeschliman and r. r. campbell cover narrative mode in their next Novel Approaches episode!

In episode 009, Sione and r. r. will examine what writers might consider when choosing the tense to write their story in, as well as whether the story will be told in the first, second, or third person.

As always, we’ll be hosting a #WritescastChat in the lead-up to this episode so you can provide your own feedback about how you make these decisions while learning from others as well. Participating writers will also have the chance to ask questions of the co-hosts that they’ll then take on in their Novel Approaches episode.

This episode’s #WritiescastChat will be held on Tuesday, November 27th at 8 p.m. ET, with the episode itself slated for release on Friday, December 14th!

Have a question or comment about this or other episodes of our programming? Let us know on Twitter or through our contact page!

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