Congratulations! Announcing the Winners of the Writescast Awards

Featured Image - Writescast Awards

The Writescast Network is proud to announce the winners of the second annual Writescast Awards, which bring together the network’s listeners, patrons, and guests to celebrate the best of the best from the last year.

Without further ado, let’s get to winners of this year’s awards.

Most Listens Award

This award is bestowed upon the episode that averages the most listens per day since its debut. This year’s winner of the Most Listens Award will come as no surprise to Writescast Network regulars, whose listenership was a huge boon to this winner’s episodes both this year and last.

So congratulations to Barbara Britton’s Writescast 046 – Writing in Multiple Genres!


You can listen to Barbara’s award-winning episode here.

Listeners’ Choice Award

We asked, and you voted—for the winner of the Listeners’ Choice Award, that is. Writescast Network listeners were asked to vote for their favorite episodes from last year, and our winner this year is a Writescast Network newcomer.

Congratulations to Kevin Klehr for his Writescast 032 – Maintaining Focus in Magic Realism!


You can listen to Kevin’s award-winning episode here.

Founder’s Choice Award

Previously known as the Host’s Choice Award, the Founder’s Choice Award is granted by Writescast Network founder r.r. campbell to the guest whose episode resonated with him most from among the eligible episodes.

This year, I chose Tim Storm and his Writescast 040 – Maintaining Tension through Mystery, Suspense, and Dramatic Irony as the winner of the Founder’s Choice Award! Congratulations to Tim.


You can listen to Tim’s award-winning episode here.

And there you have this year’s winners. Congratulations to every one of them and thank you to everyone who cast a ballot or listened to their favorite episodes to help put them over the top.

You can click here for the full library of r.r. campbell writescast episodes.

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