Coming Soon: New Patron Rewards!

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The Writescast Network is proud to announce (or, for the time being, tease) new forthcoming patron rewards!

Currently, Writescast Network patrons receive the below, depending on the tier at which they contribute—

  • early, ad-free access to every Writescast Network episode
  • 4″ x 4″ r. r. campbell writescast stickers
  • signed, personalized thank-you from Writescast Network founder r. r. campbell
  • votes in the annual Patrons’ Choice Award
  • shout-outs in every episode of our programming

With these great rewards available, it’s no wonder we’re only a couple of new patrons away from unlocking a fourth podcast every month! Are you interested in these rewards and in showing your support for your some of your favorite writerly programming? Become a patron today.

Still not convinced? Well, beginning with our new episode on August 9th, 2019, patrons will have access to an exciting new reward! To be eligible for this reward beginning on the 9th, however, you’ll have to sign up now.

Want to know more? Keep your eyes on this blog, our Twitter feed, and our forthcoming episodes for more.




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