New Patron Reward: Opening Pages Critique!

2020 Writescast Network Logo

Patrons of Writescast Network programming already get wonderful patron rewards, including Writescast Network swag; early, ad-free access to every episode of our programming; and votes in the annual Writescast Awards.

But now we’re bringing you another awesome writerly perk—a critique of your manuscript’s opening pages!

Beginning with this week’s Novel Approaches episode on writing satisfying endings, we’ll be selecting a patron at random to receive a critique of their manuscript’s first five pages. The first winner will receive their critique from Writescast Network founder r.r. campbell, and the winner selected during September’s Novel Approaches episode will get theirs from co-host Sione Aeschliman. From there, the two co-hosts will continue to alternate providing critiques to winners.

Patrons who contribute at one dollar per episode will receive one entry per month, with patrons who donate at two dollars per episode and three dollars per episode receiving two and three entries per month, respectively. Patrons who are drawn as winners become eligible to win again after a period of six months.

Exciting, right?! We’re looking forward to it, too. This’ll give us a chance to get to know our listeners even more, which we’re always thrilled to do.

Have questions? Let us know! Want to become a patron? Of course you do! Head to this link and begin supporting your favorite writing podcast network today!

Thanks as always for your support. Write on and write well.

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