You’ve Decided the Next #WritescastChat and Novel Approaches Topic!

Novel Approaches 018 - Twitter Promo.png

Thanks to everyone who voted in our most recent topic-selection poll on Twitter! Per your preference, we’ll be chatting about the role of exposition during our next installments of #WritescastChat and the Novel Approaches podcast.

The date and time for the #WritescastChat on the role of exposition will be on Tuesday, August 27th at 8 p.m. ET.

Join the @Writescast Network and members of the writing community from around the globe for a lively discussion about what exposition is, how much or how little is ideal, and how to be judicious about when to use it and when to set it aside.

Then be sure to listen to the debut of the next Novel Approaches episode, during which co-hosts Sione Aeschliman (@writelearndream) and r. r. campbell (@iamrrcampbell) will feature your contributions to our #WritescastChat alongside their own insight into the role exposition can play in fiction. That episode will debut on Friday, September 13th.

Thanks again to everyone who voted! See you on the 27th for the #WritescastChat!

If you’d like to advertise on this or another episode of our program, get a quote here.

To listen to the full slate of Novel Approaches episodes published to date, click here.

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