New Guest Confirmed: Jess Witkins

JW_author photo
Jess Witkins

The Writescast Network is thrilled to welcome Jess Witkins as a guest on the r.r. campbell writescast.

From the author—

Jess Witkins is a writer, blogger, and storyteller. Sometimes, she’s funny. Her mission: making pathetic look cool since 1985.

Jess has been a freelance writer for the past four years with publications in The Indie Chicks, L.I.N.K. Magazine, Coulee Region Women, Coulee Parenting Connection, and Organic Valley’s blog, Rootstock. Her creative writing has appeared most recently in the international literary journal, Ariel Chart, and she has an essay forthcoming in an anthology with Gelles Cole Literary Enterprises.

She is co-president of the Mississippi Valley Writers Guild, a nonprofit writing community based in La Crosse, Wisconsin. She’s been a local director and producer for the national storytelling series, Listen To Your Mother.

Currently, she spends her time working on her manuscript, doing voiceover work for the Dark La Crosse podcast, and occasionally leading ghost tours.

Jess will join r.r. campbell for an episode about adapting one’s work for unique audiences. It will debut on October 4th, 2019.

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