New Guest Confirmed: Lori Puma

Lori Puma

The Writescast Network is pleased to announce the booking of a new guest, Lori Puma.

From the guest—

Lori Puma helps novelists write books readers can’t put down. Certified in the Story Grid editing method, Lori helps authors of genre fiction (e.g. fantasy, paranormal, romance, thriller, action, mystery, historical fiction, and especially comedies) consistently write page-turning stories.

She started her writing career publishing scientific papers that also double as sleeping aids. Since then, Lori has learned A LOT about how to hook readers on a story as well as how best to explain storytelling concepts to authors who want to improve.

If you listen to this interview with Lori, she promises to wave her hands in the air in your honor! Because learning about fiction should be fun. Plus, Lori likes exercise.

You can find more more fiction-writing resources at Lori’s website,

Lori’s episode about holding a reader’s attention will debut on October 18th, 2019.

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