Return Guest Confirmed: Ryan Decaria

Ryan Decaria image
Ryan Decaria

The Writescast Network is pleased to announce the return of guest Ryan Decaria, who was previously featured in Writescast 018 – Mad Science in Science Fiction.

Ryan is the author of Devil in the Microscope, a YA story of girls fighting mad scientists, and the sequel, We Shall Be Monsters, which take the battle into the secret laboratory. He is a blogger, podcaster, editor, and technical writer. He believes writing is a mad science, where imagination and skill fuse together to create the impossible. Read his ramblings at and listen to him talk board games on the Meeple Nation Board Game podcast.

Ryan’s latest interview with r.r. campbell will focus on using sci-fi tropes and archetypes effectively in one’s writing. It will debut on November 15th, 2019.

For the full library of r.r. campbell writescast episodes to date, click here.

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