Introducing #WritescastChatFB!

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The Writescast Network is thrilled to introduce #WritescastChatFB, a new way for listeners to engage with our Novel Approaches episode topics!

Through daily prompts posted on our Facebook page in the lead up to our traditional #WritescastChat over on Twitter, we’ll foster conversation on listener-selected topics in the world of all things writerly.

So how can you participate in our inaugural #WritescastChatFB? Great question!

  1. Like the Writescast Network’s Facebook page.
  2. Watch for daily prompts on non-linear storytelling, which will begin on November 29th and end on December 3rd, 2019.
  3. Respond to the prompts as you see fit.
  4. Listen to our Novel Approaches episode on this same topic when it debuts on December 13th to find out if your comments to our daily prompts made it into the episode.
  5. Do it all again in January with a new topic!

It’s that easy, really.

And don’t forget—on the night of our final prompt for this month’s #WritescastChatFB, we’ll be hosting a good, old fashioned #WritescastChat on Twitter as well.

Hope to see you there!


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2020 WritescastChat FB

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