Introducing Guest Co-Host, Maggie Derrick!

Maggie Author Photo
Maggie Derrick

The Writescast Network would like to welcome Maggie Derrick back to its programming as a guest co-host!

Maggie is a writer, artist, true-crime aficionado, and professional dog friend. She has published three novels on the platform Wattpad. The first of these, The Star and the Ocean, was one of fifty Watty Award winners in 2017 (out of over 280,000 entries worldwide).

Writing predominantly works of fantasy, Maggie likes to tell stories about queer characters and magic. Maggie lives in Vancouver, Canada with her spouse, cat, and puppy.

Maggie recently appeared as a guest on episode 069 of the r.r. campbell writescast, and we’re thrilled to welcome her back now as a guest co-host for January’s Novel Approaches episode.

If you’d like to be a guest co-host during a limited run of Novel Approaches episodes in 2020, answer a few questions for us here, and we’ll be in touch soon.

Have a question you’d like Maggie and co-host r.r. campbell to answer during this episode? Call us at (608) 284-8342 to leave us a message! We’ll answer select questions during this episode.

Maggie Author Photo
Maggie Derrick


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