Announcing Episode Transcripts

2020 Transcript Announcement

In our never-ending quest to ensure our podcasts can reach writers of all stripes everywhere, we’re excited to announce that, beginning with our first episode of 2020, we’ll be making full-episode transcripts available for all of our new audio content.

Where can I find these transcripts?

These will be available on every episode page at the link labeled “episode transcript.”

When will these transcripts be available?

They will be released as soon as possible after a given episode debuts. Our goal is to have them ready for download within 72 hours of an episode’s release.

Will transcripts of episodes released prior to 2020 be made available?

We would love to make all of our interviews and conversations available in print. At this time, however, budget constraints only permit forthcoming episodes to be transcribed.

Once it’s financially sustainable to have past episodes transcribed, we’ll certainly do so!

If you’re able to support us financially via Patreon or as a sponsor, we’d love to continue to grow with your help.

Words of Thanks

Thanks to the writing community—specifically listener and #WritescastChat contributor, Jennifer Worrell–for giving us the extra nudge to pursue this, and thank you to Castos, which makes these transcriptions available.

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2020 Transcript Announcement


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