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You’ve got a lot to say about writing. You’re already vocal on Twitter, Facebook, or Instagram, or, even if you’re not, you always consider sharing your thoughts, experiences, and writerly experiences with the world; you’re just unsure whether you’re the right person or this is the right place and time to share.

The good news? You are, already, the right person, and now there’s always a right place and time to share: right here, right now on the Writescast Network.

That’s right—we’re assembling a blogsquad!

We want your thoughts on craft, your words of encouragement, your harrowing tales of overcoming adversity to be your best creative self.

And because the Writescast Network’s site is already reaching thousands of eyes every month—combined with the even greater number of listeners we reach regularly—that means we’ve fostered a community that’s eager to hear from you.

So how does it work? Simply fill out the form below and apply to become a part of this new venture today. Have additional questions? Reach out to us through our contact page.

Thanks for your interest in joining the Writescast Network Blogsquad. Someone will be in touch soon.

2020 Blogsquad Promo

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