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The Writescast Network can confirm it will interview author Briana Morgan as part of its new Writescast Live program!

Briana Morgan is a young adult horror and fantasy author, playwright, and freelance editor, specializing in working with indie authors and small presses. Her books include Unboxed, A Writer’s Guide to Slaying SocialReflectionsTouch: A One-Act Play, and Blood and Water. In addition to writing, she’s also active on social media, especially on Instagram and Twitter.

Join us on Sunday, September 20th at 2:00 p.m. ET to be part of a conversation about what drives Briana to write, what she’s working on now, and whatever else you see fit to ask about in the Instagram Live chat.

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And be sure to catch our interview of Briana on the R.R. Campbell Writescast as well. For that conversation, Writescast Network founder R.R. Campbell interviewed her about how authors can effectively use Instagram as part of their digital platform.

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Writescast Live Instagram (2)


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