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2020 Writescast Network Advertising Solutions


Are you an author, book reviewer, or other writing and publishing industry member?

Looking to extend your reach?

Then it’s time to advertise with us.

The Writescast Network is now making simple, single-payment ad spots available to  members of the writing, reading, and publishing community. Extend your reach to hundreds of new readers, visitors to your site, or users of your writing-related service by purchasing an ad spot on one of our past or upcoming episodes.

Why advertise with the Writescast Network?

Writescast Network listeners are an enthusiastic, engaged group. Given our network’s intense focus on all things writing-related, you’ll have a highly targeted audience available to you, especially once you’re able to zero in on the particular episode you’d like to advertise during. Our programming also records thousands of listens each month, so advertising with us can really help you build momentum for your new release or other writing-related service or endeavor.

How does it work?

  • Reach out to us through our advertising contact page and specify whether you’re interested in a thirty second, one minute, or one minute and thirty second ad.
  • Indicate whether you’d prefer your ad be featured during an episode of the r. r. campbell writescast, Novel Approaches, or Biblio Breakdown.
  • Let us know whether you’d like to write your own ad copy or have it written for you based on information you provide to the Writescast Network.
  • The Writescast Network will contact you with any questions and an advertising quote, as well as possible upcoming episodes during which your ad could air.
  • Once we’ve selected an upcoming—or past—episode during which to feature your ad, simply remit a one-time payment and voila! We’ll have your ad up in no time.

What does it cost?

  • Cost varies depending on the length of the ad and whether you’d like to advertise during an upcoming or already-aired episode of our programming.
  • For the most accurate idea of what your ad might cost, reach out to us for a quote!

How can I get a quote?

Questions? We’ve got you covered.

Feel free to email us through our contact page, or leave your question in your request for quote.

Thanks for your interest in advertising with the Writescast Network. We look forward to reading your ad on air.


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