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Writescast 099 – A Reader’s Perspective
December 4, 2020

For the penultimate episode of Writescast Network programming, I’m joined by an avid reader who just so happens to be my wife. Over the course of our discussion, we chat about what gets her to pick a book off a shelf, what keeps her engrossed while reading, and what will have her shelving a book just as fast as she picked it up.

Writescast 098 – Simmering Down
November 27, 2020

Sarah Smith joins the show to discuss her most recent release, SIMMER DOWN, along with what got her into writing romance in the first place, among other topics.

Writescast 097 – You’re Not Your Author You
November 20, 2020

Author M.A. Hinkle discusses the importance of separating one’s personal identity from one’s writerly self, as well as how writers can go about surviving the, well, *gestures broadly,* we confront on a daily basis.

Writescast 096 – Ten Steps to Finding Happiness
November 10, 2020

Dr. Lindsay Weisner discusses her ten steps for finding happiness while pursuing one’s creative endeavors.

Writescast 095 – On Letting Go
November 6, 2020

After an important update on the future of the Writescast Network from host r.r. campbell, Writers’ Institute Director Laurie Scheer returns to the show to discuss the dissolution of the University of Wisconsin’s Continued Studies in Writing program.

Writescast 094 – Five Principles for Book Cover Design
October 16, 2020

Go ahead: judge a book by its cover. With author and marketer Carol VanDenHende’s five principles for book cover design, you’ll better understand what makes for a quality cover and how you can be a more constructive participant in the cover design process.

Writescast 093 – Overcoming Impostor Syndrome
October 9, 2020

Author of young adult paranormal fiction Mary Jane Capps joins us for a discussion about a truly spooky subject: impostor syndrome. So what is it and how can we overcome it? You’ll have to tune in to find out.

Writescast 092 – Five Virtues for Authorship
October 2, 2020

What can a champion-boxer-turned-CEO teach authors about what it takes to thrive in the world of writing? A lot, it turns out, as Héctor Colón demonstrates through his five virtues for life, leadership, and authorship.

Writescast 091 – Instagram for Authors
September 25, 2020

If a picture is worth a thousand words—and words mean everything to authors—how much is Instagram worth to those of us in the writing community? Author and playwright Briana Morgan joins the show to help us answer this question and more.

Writescast 090 – Facebook for Authors
September 18, 2020

Author and Facebook phenom J. Scott Coatsworth joins the show to discuss what it takes to create and participate in thriving writer and reader communities on Facebook.

Writescast 089 – YouTube for Authors
September 4, 2020

YouTube is a treasure trove of DIY content, music streaming, and, of course, cat videos. But for many writers, YouTube is so much more. For this episode, we’re joined by one such writer, Meg LaTorre, who also happens to be the founder of the beloved iWriterly YouTube channel.

Writescast 088 – Relaunching One’s Book
August 21, 2020

Sometimes a book launch doesn’t go as planned, but there’s no need to fret. Author Dan Woll joins us to talk through the challenges and opportunities one might encounter during when relaunching one’s book.

Writescast 087 – The ABCs of Authorpreneurship
August 7, 2020

After we take a few moments to reframe how we look at our querying statistics, Amanda Zieba joins the show to discuss the ABCs of authorpreneurship—and how understanding them can help us turn a writing hobby into a writing career.


Writescast 086 – The Law of Attraction for Writers
July 17, 2020

Author Judith Joy explains that taking advantage of the law of attraction can do wonders to stave off the inundations of negativity that find us so often as writers.


Writescast 085 – Wired for Story
July 3, 2020

Lisa Cron explains what it is about human consciousness that’s so wired for story, as well as how understanding these phenomena can make us better writers.

Writescast 084 – Audiobook Production
June 19, 2020

Author Valerie Biel returns to the Writescast Network to discuss the how-tos of turning one’s book into an audiobook.

Writescast 083 – Writing as Parent-Professional
June 5, 2020

Sarah J. Carlson describes her journey to becoming a published author while also juggling her career as a school psychologist and her responsibilities as a parent.

Writescast 082 – Seven Touchstones for Writing a Mystery, Thriller, or Anything
May 15, 2020

This episode is no ordinary listicle. Author Nick Chiarkas joins the program to discuss how to write a mystery or thriller (or, as he explains, any story), and, along the way, he regales us with tales of mid-20th-century NYC and inevitable, yet surprising endings in funeral homes.


Writescast 081 – The DIY MFA
May 1, 2020

Not everyone has the means to enroll in a Master of Fine Arts program. The good news? Gabriela Pereira is challenging the status quo of higher education with DIY MFA, which encourages writers to write with focus, read with purpose, and build their community—all on their own time and from the comfort of their own home.


Writescast 080 – Read Books, Get Money
April 17, 2020

Jennie Nash reads books all day and gets paid for it, and her book by that title—along with this episode—will help you on your journey to doing the same.


Writescast 079 – Book Launches, Middle Grade, and Chunk the Cat(!) 
April 3, 2020

After first tackling the ins and outs of launching a debut novel during a time of social distancing, Claribel Ortega details what went in to writing GHOST SQUAD, how it feels to write one’s experiences with grief, and, of course, how she came to write a character like Chunk the cat.


Writescast 078 – Establishing Authentic Reader Connections
March 20, 2020

Stop promoting. Start connecting. Dan Blank’s human-centered approach to marketing has helped countless writers forge lasting impressions, and in this episode, he guides listeners through his philosophy to help them do the same.

Writescast 077 – The Business of Being (An Author)
March 6, 2020

Laurie Buchanan contrasts the business of being with the business of doing, emphasizes the importance of developing mission and vision statements, and talks setting and achieving healthy goals for our creative and personal endeavors.

 Writescast 076 – On Writing Your Passions
February 21, 2020

Fresh off the release of STORM FROM THE EAST, book two in her GLASS ALLIANCE series, author Joanna Hathaway discusses how leaning into writing her passions led her to publication.


Writescast 075 – The 2020 University of Wisconsin Writers’ Institute
February 7, 2020

With help from over half a dozen voicemails left for her at our call-in number, conference director Laurie Scheer discusses this year’s upcoming Writers’ Institute in Madison, Wisconsin.


Writescast 074 – Traditional Publishing Non-Traditionally
January 17, 2020

Author Tracey S. Phillips joins r.r. campbell to discuss the non-traditional route she took to traditional publishing, as well as how listeners can follow in her footsteps.

Writescast 073 – Non-Romantic Love in Fiction
January 3, 2020

Award-winning author M.D. Neu returns to discuss non-romantic love in fiction. With examples from fiction of all stripes and M.D.’s own work, what’s *not* to love?

Writescast 072 – Mission Statements, Knowing the Market, and Three-Legged Pants
December 20, 2019 – Founder’s Choice Award Winner for 2019!

In this free-wheeling conversation, USA Today bestselling author Ann Garvin and r.r. campbell discuss what it means to understand your readership, writerly mission statements, and, wait for it—three-legged pairs of pants.

Writescast 071 – Drama, Character, Stakes, and Throughlines
December 6, 2019 – Listeners’ Choice Award Winner for 2019!

Author Brenda Marie Smith joins the show to discuss the interplay between developing character, building drama, and more.

Writescast 070 – Effectively Using Archetypes and Tropes
November 15, 2019

Ryan Decaria returns to the Writescast Network to explore what archetypes and tropes are, why they sometimes get a bad rap, and how we can use them effectively in our work.

Writescast 069 – Wattpad: Where Stars are Born
November 1, 2019

What is Wattpad? What does it have to offer readers and writers alike? Is it a good option for your fiction? This episode’s guest, Wattpad pro Maggie Derrick, breaks it all down for us.

Writescast 068 – Keeping a Reader’s Attention
October 18, 2019

Once we’ve drawn readers to our work, it’s important we maintain their attention. But how? This week’s guest, editor Lori Puma, explains.

Download the A Game of Thrones example referenced in this episode here.

Writescast 067 – The Magic of Content Adaptation
October 4, 2019

Have you ever considered turning a novel into a podcast serial? A short story into a play? A poem into a screenplay? In this episode, storyteller Jess Witkins discusses the why and the how of content adaptation—and the magic we can capture in exploring the process for ourselves.

Writescast 066 – Writing from Experience
September 20, 2019 – Patrons’ Choice Award Winner for 2019!

Award-winning author and former fire captain Gregory Lee Renz describes how his experiences fighting fires translated to writing a novel about the same. Along the way, he offers advice for other writers who aspire to write from experiences of their own.

Content warning: episode includes mentions of suicide, PTSD, and lives lost to fire.

Writescast 065 – Skating Through Life’s Passions
August 30, 2019

Professional-hockey-player-turned-author Luke Murphy addresses expecting the unexpected, transitioning from one passion to another, and finding ways to balance it all. Writers who feel pulled in a number of directions, this one’s for you.

Writescast 064 – Incorporating Research Into Creative Writing
August 16, 2019

Author and engineer William C. Tracy discusses strategies for effectively incorporating research and technical know-how into works of fiction.

Writescast 063 – Publishing an Anthology
August 2, 2019

Sitting on a collection of poetry or short fiction and unsure what to do with it? This episode’s for you!

Writescast 062 – Writing a Series
July 19, 2019 – Most Listened-to Episode of 2019!

Hot off the release of the final installment in her GOD AWFUL series, Silvia Acevedo explores the advantages and disadvantages of writing one’s own series.

Writescast 061 – Distilling Writing Advice
July 5, 2019

Writing advice is everywhere these days, but our mileage with any particular brand of it may vary. So how do we know who and what to listen to? This episode’s guest, Madeleine D’Este, explains.


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