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Writescast 060 – Writing Horror
June 21, 2019

Author Michael G. Williams joins the r. r. campbell writescast for a super spooky episode about how he got his start writing horror and how we as writers can give our own readers chills.

Writescast 059 – Conveying Backstory and Avoiding Infodumps
June 7, 2019

Noelle Nichols discusses ways to effectively convey backstory without invoking the dreaded infodump.

Writescast 058 – Growing Readership Locally
May 17, 2019

Author M.D. Neu discusses strategies for growing one’s readership locally, including hosting book events, getting one’s work featured in local media, and more.

Writescast 057 – Writing a Memoir
May 3, 2019

Memoirist and cinephile Dave Watson compares and contrasts writing a memoir with writing a work of fiction. Have you ever been curious about what it takes to write a memoir? This episode’s for you!

Writescast 056 – Self-Revisions and When it’s Time to Find an Editor
April 19, 2019

Author Damian Serbu talks self-revisions: when it’s time to tackle them, when it’s time to set them aside, and when it’s time to seek the help of an editor.

Writescast 055 – Operating an Independent Press
April 5, 2019

The owner of HenschelHAUS Publishing, Kira Henschel, joins host r. r. campbell for a conversation about what it’s like to operate an independent press.

Writescast 054 – Reading Like a Writer
March 15, 2019

Meg Gaertner returns to the r. r. campbell writescast to discuss the value of and how to tackle reading like a writer. What will developing a keen readerly eye do for your work?

Writescast 053 – Historical Fiction and Fantasy
March 1, 2019

Author Glenn Quigley talks historical fiction and fantasy: what they are, how they differ, and how one researches in order to write about the past.

Writescast 052 – The University of Wisconsin Writers’ Institute
February 15, 2019

UWWI Conference Director Laurie Scheer highlights what writers everywhere can look forward to at the 30th annual Writers’ Institute.

Writescast 051 – Non-Linear Storytelling
February 1, 2019

Author Chris Bedell returns to the Writescast Network to discuss the ins and outs of non-linear storytelling, including how to put it to work for us in our novels and which books make the best use of it.

Writescast 050 – The Submissions Process as a Marketing Endeavor
January 25, 2019

To streamline one’s view of the path to publication, critically-acclaimed author Kathie Giorgio explores the submissions process by comparing it to a book marketing endeavor. How will viewing these steps through this lens help you better tackle both?

Writescast 049 – Online Awareness Generation and Digital Marketing
January 4, 2019

Author and marketing guru Ann Dayleview compares the big three in the world of digital book marketing: Facebook, Twitter, and Google.

Writescast 048 – So You’re Planning a Book Launch Party…
December 21, 2018

Writescast Network founder r. r. campbell talks the ins and outs of book launch parties: why it’s worth having one, how to plan it, what to bring, and what to do.

Writescast 047 – Conjuring Inspiration
December 7, 2018

Creativity coach Sarah Sadie visits the show to discuss conjuring inspiration: Where is the cauldron in which we stir our idea stew, and how can we keep that cauldron full?

Writescast 046 – Writing in Multiple Genres
November 16, 2018 – Most Listened-to Episode of 2018!

Writescast-award-winner Barbara Britton returns to the show to discuss the pros and cons of writing in multiple genres and, if a writer chooses to do so, what they ought to consider as part of the transition from one genre to the next.

Writescast 045 – From Page to Stage
November 2, 2018

Author Steven Salmon updates us on his writing journey and shares his experience converting one of his manuscripts into a play. Thank you to voice actor Vance Bastian, who voiced Steven for this episode.

BONUS CONTENT: This episode features an audio preview of host r. r. campbell’s debut novel, Accounting for It All. Stay tuned after the episode’s conclusion to listen in!

Writescast 044 – Overcoming Writer’s Block and the Inner Critic
October 19, 2018

Creativity coach Sarah Sadie returns to the r. r. campbell writescast to discuss writer’s block and the inner critic before providing strategies to reframe and exorcise both.

Writescast 043 – Perspectives in Self-Publishing
September 21, 2018

Return guests Mel Gough and Noelle Nichols chronicle their journeys through the world of self-pub: what went well, what didn’t, and what others can learn from their experiences.

Writescast 042 – Master of Fine Arts Programs in Creative Writing
September 14, 2018

Writer, educator, and MFA grad J Dimitri shares his experiences in and advice for Master of Fine Arts programs in creative writing.

Writescast 041 – Poetry and Writing Across Media
September 7, 2018

Writer extraordinaire Nathan Elias juxtaposes writing poetry with other formats, including screenplays, novels, and short stories.


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